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 Airedale PUPPIES may be ordered NOW..... please email for our newsletter with the latest up to date info and price etc.


 We do not have any intention of breeding Welsh Terriers again.

Airedale puppies are often available.   As of February 2016 Tjuringa is listed as Australia's number one breeder of Airedales.  (As we were throughout 2014 and 2015) CONTACT US ON AIREDALETERRIERS@KEITHLOVELL.NET FOR MORE INFORMATION AND NEWSLETTER

During 2007 Airedale Terrier semen imported from America was been used to breed arguably the greatest potential quality ever for Australia.  The world's winningest Airedale ever, Ch Evermays High Performance serviced two of the best Tjuringa bitches. These matings see the great stud, Ch Terrydales International Affair, on three significant lines of these puppys' pedigrees. More recently we have invested in the breed's future with semen imports from Estonia and the USA.

At request we will email Keith Lovell's Tjuringa newsletter with up to date information on what has been bred and when pups are available to go to their loving homes at eight weeks of age. All our Airedale  puppies are microchipped, wormed several times, vet checked, immunised, registered with the VCA with full pedigree, temperement tested, raised on a complete puppy diet and sent to you with diet chart and other information in Keith Lovell's Tjuringa "Going Home Booklet". We encourage membership of the Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria for Victorian Airedale puppy buyers. Other advantages of a Tjuringa Airedale can be found in the newsletter and Going Home Booklet. We boast the very best Airedales possible. Airedale Terrier puppies are the most delightful puppies.

At Tjuringa we are very proud of the strong health lines in our Airedales. Airedale Terriers can be trouble free with many owners of Tjuringa pups only visiting the vet for immunisations and (perhaps) sterilisation in the dogs entire life. We are continuosly appraising studs and which bitches we keep to ensure this quality. We xray all our Airedale Terrier dogs and bitches to ensure sound hips for breeding and breed combinations with continuous improvement the goal. Of course breed type is of utmost importance as it is an Airedale  you want. NOT JUST GOOD HIPS OR GOOD HAIR. You want a typical pure breed of the breed. To ensure Tjuringa stay at the lead in this regard we show testing our Tjuringa Airedale  against the best terriers in the land. Although not everytime the best Tjuringa are always up there. In 2010 we were (January 26th) number one Airedale. At years end in 2004, 2006 and 2009 we were  number one.   Note! Despite every effort and the most scientific breeding plan it is always possible to be unlucky...breeding is an unfair science and at times we can all be dissapointed. On such a rare occassion we do stand behind our product. We are also your first point of call if for any reason you can no longer keep your Tjuringa Airedale. Our aftersales service is not surpassed.

Puppies can be collected at our home or be shipped interstate or indeed anywhere in the world. Australia's wonderful quarantine situation make our dogs a safe bet for importing into any country. We have sold pups to families as far as USA, Finland and Sweden as well as Hong Kong and the Pacific. Flying is best and pretty reasonable in cost.

Price is advised with the newsletter after you enquire. There is only one price for puppies. We do not have a show price and a pet price. We breed for ourselves to get the best and allow for continuous improvement and for pet owners. You buy a pet but you may well be getting a dog of amazing quality. Ch. Tjuringa Firecracker was sold as a pet at 8 weeks. We were so lucky to have got him back. We do not guarantee a show dog but we do offer to assist you should you want to show and learn to groom. Assistance is free to willing learners....and ongoing! Another example of after sales care. (Overseas sales do cost more because of the extra commitments we are obliged to assist with)

Tjuringa is GST registered and all prices are GST inclusive.

A note on Hip Dysplasia:  This condition is better associated with larger breeds. However, it is not unknown in Airedales and as dedicated breeders we do all that we can to avoid it. It does however appear from time to time even in breeding that has been carefully chosen to avoid this awful disease. It seems to be a recessive gene that we will eventually be free of by our selective breeding program. We can go years and not see or hear of it in our breeding and then it can just pop up in an unexpected way. The best way to avoid it arising in your pup is to determine that we have Xrayed the parents and they have scores below the breed average. The lower the better and where a bitch is nearer average check to see that the sire used is well under. Next is all up to the new owner. Keep the weight down. Do not allow the young dog to climb stairs or jump unnessisarily, do not play "frisby" type games, do not stress in exercise. Avoid growth foods and stick to balanced commercial food to ensure correct ratios of calcium. If there is a genetic possibility for your dog to develop hip dysplasia you will likely avoid it by taking these simple precautions. In the many dozens of Airedales that we have kept in our home and kennel over 40 years WE have NEVER had an Airedale known to be displastic.




















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